Fukuoka Ruby Award 2018
Written by Lucy Black   
Tuesday, 02 January 2018

Ruby Programmers from around the world are invited to compete for prizes on the basis of projects developed or completed within the past 12 months that use the unique characteristics of Ruby. Entries will be judged by a panel led by “Matz” Matsumoto, creator of the Ruby language.



Based in Fukuoka, Japan this international competition was set up in 2009 to promote Ruby, raise public awareness of the growing software industry in Fukuoka, and expand the use of Ruby to new regions and industries around the world. Eligible projects include systems, business models, or activities that utilize the features of the Ruby programming language and may incorporate languages other than Ruby.  Preferred projects are ones that:

1) help increase the popularity or growth of Ruby

2) impact society in a big way or

3) are widely used

Although two categories Fukuoka Innovator Awards and New Faces Awards are restricted to local entrants, the other prizes open to all companies, organizations, and individuals.

The Grand Prize is worth 1 million yen (currently the equivalent of US $8,870) and previous winners include Rhomobile (USA) and APEC Climate Center (Korea).

Multiple Outstanding Performance Awards of 100,000 yen will also be made and there are several special prizes from sponsors of the contest. 

AWS Prize 
Amazon Fire Tablet (subject to change) and AWS architect technical consultation


GMO Pepabo Prize
Lolipop! shared hosting service: 10-year free subscription of the Standard Plan, or JPY 100,000 coupon for the metered plan of the Managed Cloud and Muumuu Domain DNS registration service: 10-year free subscription of one domain (for a domain that costs JPY 10,000 or less per year)

 IIJ GIO Prize 
Details will be announced later 

Money Forward Prize
Dinner with Money Forward’s Ruby committers and 10 years free premium financial management services 

Salesforce Prize
salesforce.com novelty goods

To enter all you need do in the first instance is to fill in a downloadable form before the deadline of January 31st. Preliminary evaluation is on the basis on the application documents, attachments, and a preview of the system via the Internet. Successful applicants whose project proceed to Final Selection will receive an email in late February inviting them to make a presentation in Fukuoka, Japan at their own expense. If successful applicants are unable to present in person, the presentation documents may be submitted in lieu.



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