CLion 2016.2
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 04 August 2016

 An updated version of CLion has been released with Doxygen support and remote GDB debugging.

CLion is an IDE that you can use to develop in C and C++ on Linux, OS X and Windows. Its advantages include a smart editor, code quality assurance, automated refactorings, and integration with the CMake build system. The new version, CLion 2016.2, also adds new code generation options.
Both the GDB and LLDB debugger drivers have been worked on to improve performance and to debug more accurately. The developers say the rework has removed problems including ‘Variables’ windows that weren't updated on variable setting, problems with showing frames, and incorrect debugger exit. The changes have led to the debugger performance improving by up to 600x in some cases.
Remote GDB debug has also been added. This means you can run an executable on a target machine under gdbserver, connect remotely using CLion remote GDB configuration, and inspect code from the IDE’s debugger. Options include the ability to set breakpoints, evaluate expressions, and inspect variables views.
The addition of Doxygen support means CLion now supports the format of the popular code documentor. You can add Doxygen comments to your code, use Doxygen commands and function parameters completion, or generate the stub for Doxygen comments automatically.

The improved code generation features mean you can now include equality, relational and stream output operators. The Generate definitions option that was introduced in the previous release has also been improved with updated behavior templates, and the Complete Statement feature has also been improved. It helps you create syntactically correct code constructs by inserting the necessary syntax elements and getting you in position to start typing the next statement. It can complete namespaces, classes, enums, enum classes, structs and control statements:

CMake support is another area to receive improvements, this time with refactoring support for CMake. You can now use Rename, and CLion supports Safe delete for files.


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