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1 Tell Mozilla About Your CSS Woes
2 HTML 5.2 Gets W3C Backing
3 Google Launches Fast Web Page Technology AMP Early
4 Google Speeds Up Mobile HTML With AMP
5 HTML5 Is A Finished W3C Standard
6 Senchas State of HTML5
7 Google Removes CSS Regions From Blink - An Optimization Too Far
8 DRM APIs To Be Part of HTML5 Standard
9 Gmail Adds Actions - Do You Want to Use Them?
10 DRM In HTML - The Programmer's View
11 Protest Against Adding DRM APIs To HTLM5
12 W3C Pointer Events Standard
13 Complete HTML5.0 Definition Published
14 HTML5 App Survey
15 Cirque du Soleil Breaks New Ground With Chrome Experiment
16 W3C Announce HTML5 To Be Ready Nearly A Decade Early
17 Intel pushes HTML5 for Cross Platform Development
18 Which HTML5? - WHATWG and W3C Split
19 HTML5 Canvas 5 Gets New Features
20 Mozilla HTML5 App Marketplace
21 New Look for HTML5Rocks