Kaggle Enveloped By Google Cloud
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Thursday, 09 March 2017

Rumors that Google was acquiring the data science community Kaggle were confirmed at the Google Cloud Next Conference yesterday. This confers the benefit of the ability to store and query large datasets and direct access to Google's cloud machine learning environment.


Kaggle has become a byword for data science contests. Since its formation in 2010 as a platform for predictive modelling and analytics competition it has amassed a community of more than 800,000 data experts use it to explore, analyze and understand the latest updates in machine learning and data analytics. Registered users already included members of Google's DeepMind team and now Google has bought the company.

 Anthony Goldbloom, founder and CEO of Kaggle blogged:

The Kaggle team will remain together and will continue Kaggle as a distinct brand within Google Cloud. We will continue to grow our competitions and open data platforms, and we will remain open to all data scientists, companies, techniques and technologies. Kaggle Kernels will continue to support a diverse ecosystem of machine learning libraries and packages supported by Google as well as those outside of Google’s toolkit.

Kaggle joining Google will allow us to achieve even more. It combines the world’s largest data science community with the world’s most powerful machine learning cloud. It’s also an exciting opportunity to combine forces with ImageNet creators Fei-Fei Li and Jia Li.  

Making Google Cloud technology available to our community will allow us to offer access to powerful infrastructure, scalable training and deployment services and the ability to store and query large data sets.

Making the announcement of joining forces with Kaggle in her keynote at Next '17 Fei-Fei Li  emphasized the importance of democratizing AI, something she reiterated in her post  to the Google Cloud Platform blog:

We must lower the barriers of entry to AI and make it available to the largest community of developers, users and enterprises, so they can apply it to their own unique needs. With Kaggle joining the Google Cloud team, we can accelerate this mission.

The importance of democratizing AI is a message we've already heard from Microsoft and Elon Musk's OpenAI. With Google also on board hopefully we'll all be able to take advantage of this hot and ubiquitous topic.




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