Apache Superset 4 Updates Reports
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 15 April 2024

Apache Superset 4 has been released with improvements to the reporting module and redesigned alerts. Superset is a business intelligence web application. It is open source, provides data exploration and visualization, and was originally developed by Airbnb.

Superset has been designed to be accessible to all users, with a choice of ways to explore and show data. Superset is written in Python and uses Flask as its web framework library. It supports multiple dashboard, graph and chart types with filters, and can be used with any data source that support SQL Alchemy and has a Python DB-API driver.


Data selection is based on SQL queries, and Superset comes with a SQL editor/IDE and metadata browser. A semantic layer lets users define fields and metrics.  Python modules are also available within SQL, via Jinja.

The Alerts and Reports model has been redesigned in this release. The aim of the redesign was to provide a cleaner, more organized layout, presenting the options step-by-step to make the process of creating alerts and reports more intuitive. The developers also wanted to prepare the interface for additional features that will be introduced in future releases, such as the ability to pre-filter a dashboard being sent.

A new feature in this release is Tags. The Superset developers say tags address many of the requests made by the community and aim to make it easier to organize and curate charts, dashboards, and saved queries. Tags can be created for any piece of content, then used as additional ways of organizing assets. Programmatic access to tag-related operations are supported via the RESTful API.

Another area of improvement is the dashboard editor, specifically the ability to drag and drop components. The new version provides a distinct, non-conflicting area for the drop zone for a component, which is now highlighted during the dragging process to clearly indicate where the element will be placed. The new version also prevents users from dropping elements in invalid locations. Chart editing has also been improved in a similar way. When dragging, all droppable zones are highlighted, with distinct colors indicating available and unavailable drop locations.

Superset 4 is available now.


More Information

Superset On GitHub

Superset Website

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