Google Data Studio Improves Analytics
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Google Data Studio has been updated with a new connector for Google Surveys, and a new, more intelligent Google Analytics that uses machine learning to automatically bring insights to the surface.

Data Studio is the free component of Google Data Studio 360, which is available as a paid-for product for data visualization and reporting with licensing starting at 200 users. It can be used to connect to all your data with native integrations across a range of Google products, as well as non-Google data. Both versions can be used to create reports from data from AdWords, Google Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery, Attribution 360 and Google Sheets.


The latest improvements start with a new, more intelligent Google Analytics. This was introduced in beta last year as a combination of App + Web property. 

google analysis

The updated version uses Google’s machine learning models to automatically alert you to significant trends in your data. The developers say It even helps you anticipate future actions your customers may take. For example, it calculates churn probability so you can more efficiently invest in retaining customers. The team is continuing to add new predictive metrics like potential revenue from a particular group of customers. The machine learning uses multiple "identity spaces", according to Google, including marketer-provided User IDs and unique Google signals from users opted into ads personalization, to give you a more complete view of how your customers interact with your business. The reporting options have also been simplified and re-organized to make it easier to see data based on the part of the customer journey you’re interested in.

The second main improvement is the addition of support for Google Surveys. You can now access market research data by using the new Google Surveys connector. Surveys data can be viewed alongside marketing data from sources like Google Ads and Google Analytics.


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