Census Analyzer Hints At Future
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A web app for data visualization and analysis has been released in proof-of-concept stage by JetBrains.


Census Analyzer 1.0 is, as the name suggests, currently available for analyzing US Census Bureau data, but this version is being described as a proof-of-concept tool meant as a preview for a more large-scale data analysis product that is still in the works. The current version can be used in the cloud to work with graphs and pivot charts, generate graphical reports, publish them and share them online.


The app is fully web based, with no local client needed to run the analysis. It lets you analyze and visualize the data using the same app. The tool has three main components, starting with a file system in the cloud that's hosted by JetBrains but managed by the user. There's a simple code editor that lets you create queries, build pivot tables, and draw charts and maps. The final element is a drag-and-drop report builder for creating and publishing your reports as interactive dashboards that can be shared.The app can be used collaboratively, so you can share workbooks with colleagues who can edit it simultaneously.


Census Analyzer from Sasha Malahov on Vimeo.


As shown in the video, the code editor has ease-of-use features such as smart autocompletion and action suggestions. The developers say queries are written in "an understandable language" and created automatically; all you need to do is choose the right types and dimensions of plots.

The code in the samples on the app has a reasonably understandable syntax; the following gets some data and creates a pie chart, for example:

retrieve data data source:
    columns: Age.By 5 Years
    row: Race
    where: Year.2010
    measure: <default>
pie chart RaceDist
  category: Race
  value: _0_4
     chart height: 400 px
     chart width: 400 px

The charting options in this initial version include basic plots such as scatter plots, bar/line/area charts, population pyramids, and two types of maps. There's also a drag-and-drop report builder onto which you can drag your queries, charts and maps to create reports.

The app can be tried out for free with a Google account.



More Information

JetBrains Blog

Census Analyzer App

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