Argo CD 2.1 Release Candidate
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 23 August 2021

The Argo Project team has announced that Argo CD 2.1 is now at the release candidate stage. Argo is a set of open source tools for Kubernetes to run workflows, manage clusters, and do GitOps.

Argo includes Argo Workflows, a Kubernetes-native workflow engine supporting DAG and step-based workflows; Argo CD, a declarative continuous delivery with a fully-loaded UI;Argo Rollouts, an advanced Kubernetes deployment tool supporting strategies such as Canary and Blue-Green; and Argo Events, which provides event based dependency management for Kubernetes.


The Argo workflow engine for Kubernetes originated at Applatix, which itself is a team of enterprise software engineers from companies like Data Domain, Nicira,  Bebop and Apigee.



The first candidate for the v2.1 release adds several new features, bug fixes, and multiple enhancements. One of the major improvements is Argo CD Core, a lightweight Argo CD distribution that packages only core GitOps features and relies on Kubernetes API/RBAC to power UI and CLI.

The developers say that while Argo CD has a rich set of features that can be used in a multi-tenant environment, not everyone needs multi-tenancy. If a developer just wants to use Argo CD themself and rely on built-in Kubernetes RBAC to protect access to your cluster, all the Argo CD multi-tenancy features just introduce unnecessary complexity. For these users, the new Argo CD Core provides a simpler solution.

Other improvements to the main features of Argo CD include faster synchronization with reduced memory requirements. The team say that applications that manage a large number (50+) of resources are synchronizing up to 100 times faster, and developers will benefit from this enhancement even they have smaller applications. The improvement allows synchronizing multiple applications in parallel quicker and without memory usage spikes.

The new release also makes fewer Git requests. Argo CD needs to request the Git provider to discover recently committed manifest changes every so often. In the previous release, the resolved commit revisions are cached per Argo CD application. However, the caching wasn't enough, and Argo CD still made too many Git requests if the Git repository contains multiple applications. The v2.1 introduces an additional caching that ensures that each repository's target revisions are queried only once per reconciliation cycle. This dramatically reduces the number of Git requests.

Argo CD Configuration has also been simplified, with simpler repository registration, and better resource customizations.




More Information

Argo On GitHub

Argo CD Demo Instance

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