CodeSandbox Adds Support For Rust And Docker
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 26 January 2023

Support for Rust and Docker has been added to the CodeSandbox cloud development environment. Until now, the development environment has concentrated on support for JavaScript and TypeScript.

CodeSandbox started in 2017 as a code editor specifically for React applications, and has since expanded to support everything that runs JavaScript, with templates for Vue and Angular as well as React. Developers can use a browser-based code editor, or can work in open environments via a Visual Studio Code extension and an iOS IDE.


All sandboxes on CodeSandbox are live and can be shared with other developers if you want to collaborate with them in real time. Live editors can only make edits to the sandbox while they are in the session, or can choose to just view the sandbox.

The first of the latest updates to CodeSandbox adds support for coding in Rust. The CodeSandbox team says the update allows you to spin up a Rust development environment within 2 seconds, with IntelliSense support and the ability to open the environment in iOS or VS Code.

The second improvement opens the environment more widely with the addition of support for Docker, which the developers say means you can create sandboxes for any programming language.

In 2022, CodeSandbox was widened to include support for cloud sandboxes and for repositories that run in microVMs. This opened the option of coding directly from VS Code and running servers and databases. That initial update allowed users to bring their Docker configuration into CodeSandbox via experimental support for Docker and NixOS. The team admits it did require some tinkering to make your local Docker config work in CodeSandbox. This has now changed so that Docker works out of the box.

Because Docker now works out of the box in CodeSandbox, this also means that after setting up your project with Docker, anyone with the link can access it anytime to work on that pre-configured environment. Plus, if they fork it, they instantly get an exact copy of the development environment with all the tooling in place.

The updated version of CodeSandbox is available now.


More Information

CodeSandbox Website

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