Lightbend Releases Java SDK For Kalix
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 14 April 2023

Lightbend has released a Java SDK for Kalix. Lightbend produces cloud-native microservices frameworks while Kalix is a Platform-as-a-Service, developed by Lightbend, that combines an API-first, database-less programming model with a serverless runtime.

Kalix lets developers avoid having to set up databases, configure service meshes or tune caching layers. It works with the underlying cloud infrastructure and takes care of the complexity of building cloud native apps based on Kubernetes. Services created under Kalix can contain both stateful and stateless components.


Lightbend's new Java Software Development Kit (SDK) for Kalix can be used by Java and Spring developers to build scalable, mission-critical, stateful applications in a serverless architecture. The developers say the SDK offers a way to develop applications which should be familiar to someone who has worked with Spring applications by making use of annotations to assemble Kalix and its components. When using the Kalix Java SDK, services are exposed using traditional Spring REST annotations and serialization is backed by the Jackson library.

This means developers can encode their application using plain Java code. Kalix then scans the code and generates the necessary metadata for deploying the user application and exposing its endpoints, so developers can assemble a Kalix application by annotating Java classes using Spring-like annotations with much less code.

The features in the initial version of the SDK have been updated from their gRPC-first counterparts, and the team plans to add more features going forward. At the moment, you can use actions, value entities and event sourced entities. The SDK also supports views, publishing and subscribing to topics, timers and service to service eventing.

The Java SDK is an abstraction on top of an underlying Protobuf protocol, and Kalix developers can also make use of the original Protobuf-based Java SDK to gain more control with the Protobuf API specification.

The Java SDK for Kalix is available now on the Kalix website and on GitHub. 


More Information

Lightbend Website

Kalix Website

Java SDK On GitHub

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