Unicode 15.1 Released With More Hieroglyphs
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 22 September 2023

Unicode 15.1 has been released, hot on the heels of Unicode 15. The latest standard adds two new scripts and 4,500 new characters, along with 20 new emojis and extended support for hieroglyphs.

The Unicode Standard is used by all modern software and communications around the world, including operating systems, browsers, laptops, and smart phones, as well as the Web. The Unicode Standard, its associated standards, and data form the foundation for CLDR and ICU releases.

unicodeThis year's collection of new scripts and characters are mainly aimed at lesser-used languages and written requirements. The latest haul also includes 4,193 CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) ideographs.


Funds from Unicode's Adopt-a-Character program provided support for some of these additions. The new scripts and characters include Nag Mundari, a modern script used to write Mundari, a language spoken in India; A Kannada character used to write Konkani, Awadhi, and Havyaka Kannada in India; and Kaktovik numerals, devised by speakers of Iñupiaq in Kaktovik, Alaska for the counting systems of the Inuit and Yupik languages

The latest emojis to be added include hair pick, maracas, jellyfish, khanda, and pink heart, and as we reported earlier in the year, a lime, a phoenix and a head shaking vertically

The standard also adds a nine pointed white star symbol that is used by members of the Bahá'í faith, and eight symbols for celestial bodies, used by astronomers and astrologers. Those of you who prefer to compose your texts using alternative techniques may find the addition of twenty-nine additional Egyptian hieroglyph format controls beneficial. The Unicode committee hopes the addition will enable Egyptologists to better represent texts. To this end, they've also added a new hieroglyph ( 1342F, which looks like an upper case C made out of wood, if you're interested), and the chart font updates include a set of updated glyphs for Egyptian hieroglyphs, in addition to standardized variation sequences to support rotated glyphs found in texts.

Unicode 15.1 is available now.


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