Emoji 15.1 Adds Phoenix
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 21 July 2023

The latest list of new emoji recommendations due to be made in September 2023 has been released. The new icons will be made alongside the release of Unicode 15.1.

According to Emojipedia, the latest list includes a lime, a phoenix and a head shaking vertically, which sounds suspiciously like a description of a head being nodded.


Emojipedia released this year's list to coincide with World Emoji Day on July 17, which somehow we missed in all the excitement of the new week. Shame. According to Emojipedia, the purpose of World Emoji Day is to promote the use of emojis and spread the enjoyment that they bring to all of those around us. Most of us in the i-programmer team tend to limit our output to smiley, face palm and the occasional throwing up emoji, so we probably didn't make much of a dent in the overall world enjoyment by missing it.

As always when faced with the list of new additions, we're left somewhat bemused as to how we've managed so far without being able to send a phoenix emoji (you'll never guess what bird I just saw down the local park, phoenix emoji), or get away with a lemon when it was vital to send a lime. The image below shows Emojipedia's artistic impression of what we might look forward to:


Alongside the lime, phoenix and head shaking vertically (aka nodding), the suggested list includes brown mushroom, broken chain and four new gender-neutral family emojis intended to be represented via silhouettes.

The candidate list also contains directional versions of six different types of person emojis. The enthusiasts at Emojipedia point out that this gives a total of 108 new emojis when you include skin tone modifier and gender variants. The new direction-specifying emojis are all versions of pre-existing people emojis such as person running, but with the addition of explicitly-stated directionality, so person running facing right.

The list is as always at this stage in the draft stage, and you can check it out on the Unicode site or on Emojipedia if you want to see some mock ups of how the icons might look when fully implemented.



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