Happy 25th Birthday, Google
Written by Sue Gee   
Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Today Google is celebrating its 25th Birthday. Sundar Pichai tweeted "Thanks to everyone who uses our products and challenges us to keep innovating and to all Googlers!" And there's a Google Doodle depicting the changes to the Google Logo over a quarter century.


There are also some Easter Eggs to be found via Search - but that would be giving the game away.

All-in-all it seems pretty low-key considering it is a quarter of a century since Google was founded. However, while September 27th has been the day celebrated as Google's anniversary since 2005, September 4th, 1998 is the date when Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google and September 4th, 2023 was the date on which Sundar Pichai sent out his Google's 25th Birthday Message and was the date I Programmer celebrated in Google Turns 25, a look at Google's origins and milestones in its history.

We had already published this when Google Search launched its Search Through Time site. Click on the image to explore it for yourself.


Two blog posts expand on the history of Google Search. Danny Sullivan chose his 25 biggest moments in Search, from helpful images to AI. These start with the creation of Google Images in 2001 and the launch of Google News in 2002. Google Translate first appeared in 2006, the Google Mobile App in 2008, the same year as Voice Search. Recent milestones include Hum to Search (2020), Multisearch (2022) and, to bring things right up-to-date Search Labs and Search Generative Experience (SGE) referring to AI-assisted search which Google is already testing in the United States.

In the related blog post, Then and now: 5 ways we’re continuing to improve Search, Elizabeth Reid looks at technological breakthroughs Google has made in order to extend and improve Search.

The latest blog post referring to the 25th anniversary is 25 fun facts about Google offices and data centers. It has photographs from Google facilities all around the globe showcasing architecture, art and design and environmental sustainability. While few of the photographs include Googler's you can easily understand why they think Google is a great place to work.

Today Google has offices and data centers in over 200 cities, spanning six continents.


And to think that that 25 years ago it was just Larry Page and Sergey Brin working out of a  small garage in a California suburb. 




More Information

Google's 25th Birthday! - Google Doodle

Thank you for 25 years of curiosity

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