Google Firestore Released
Written by Alex Denham   
Monday, 04 February 2019

The Google Cloud Firestore serverless document database is now generally available. Firestore was announced in 2018 as part of the Google Firebase platform, and in addition to being unrestricted, it is now available in more areas.

Firestore is fully managed and gives developers a way to store, synchronize, and query data for their mobile apps, with offline support. Google says the database simplifies app development with live synchronization, offline support, and ACID transactions across hundreds of documents and collections. Cloud Firestore is integrated with both Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Firebase, Google’s mobile development platform.


Cloud Firestore handles security and authorization, infrastructure, edge data storage, and synchronization. Identity and Access Management and Firebase Auth are built in, and the software offers tight integration with Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage, and Firebase’s SDK. You can also export data into BigQuery for analysis, post-processing of data, and machine learning.

Being made GA means Cloud Firestore is now included in GCP's official Service Level Agreements, so now has guaranteed uptime - 99.999% for multi-region instances of Cloud Firestore, and 99.99% for regional instances.

Ten new data center locations have been added to those that are able to host Cloud Firestore data. There will be a new multi-region location in Europe, and then 9 additional regional locations, spread around Asia, Australia, North and South America, and Europe. 

A new service that's currently available in beta is the ability to monitor Cloud Firestore read, write and delete operations in near-real time with Stackdriver. Google Stackdriver offers cloud system management, providing performance and diagnostics data such as monitoring, logging, tracing, error reporting, and alerting.

What hasn't made it into this release are the ability to query for documents across collections, and increment database values without needing a transaction. These are 'coming soon'.



More Information

Firestore Site

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