Android Easter Eggs Revealed
Written by Lucy Black   
Saturday, 17 October 2015

Each version of Android since Gingerbread has had an easter egg associated with its version number.  Here's a video that looks at this tradition and gets the inside story from its most recent implementer who most recently has put a multiplayer game into Marshmallow.

The video comes from from Nat and Lo's 20% project - another Google tradition whereby its employees are encouraged to devote part of their time to following their own interests. Nat and Lo decided to take a video camera behind the screens at Google to find out more about the company they work for with a generous helping of "general tomfoolery". 

Following on from their exploration of how Googe names successive Android platforms, see Android M Is Marshmallow, the girls turned their attention to Android Easter Eggs.

Unlike other companies which tend to see easter eggs as potential security risks, Google embraces the tradition. So while the whole idea of the easter egg is that they should be unexpected, in the case of Android they are looked-for treats. In this video  Nat and Lol talk to Dan Sadler, the Android Framework Engineer who, as his own 20% project, has crafted the unsurprising surprises from Honeycomb to Marshmallow.



In the video Nat and Lo are careful not to reveal the Marshmallow easter egg, leaving it for users to find for themselves. However, as the first commenter to the video points out, at the Nexus launch, the day after this video was posted, the Marshmallow easter egg - which like its Lollipop counterparts described as a Flappy Bird clone, but in this case can be played with up to five other people.



In finest Google tradition Nat and Lo's video itself contains unexpected quirks - yes these can be counted as easter eggs. If you can't find all seven there's a list in the YouTube comments.




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