Chrome 92 Adds JavaScript Features
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 11 June 2021

The beta of Chrome 92 has been launched with improvements including web apps as file handlers and new JavaScript features.

Announcing the new version of the Google web browser to the beta channel for Windows, Mac and Linux, the Chrome team said the new release:

"contains our usual under-the-hood performance and stability tweaks, but there are also some cool new features to explore."


One improvement to the new version is a File Handling API that developers can use to declare web apps as file handlers for files created and processed by their app. Explaining the new feature, the Chrome developers gave the example of a text editor PWA that has registered itself as a file handler, and a developer being able to right-click a .txt file in the operating system's file manager and instruct this PWA to (always or just once) open .txt files.

Several trial features are included in the new release, including Shared Element Transitions. These can be used to set up a set of transitions in both single-page applications (SPAs) and multi-page applications (MPAs). The transitions make it easier to create single-page app transitions as they avoid the need to coordinate animations and DOM manipulations to achieve the desired effect. Multi-page app transitions are also possible whereas without shared element transitions each page can only control the contents of its own view. 

This version of Chrome incorporates version 9.2 of the V8 JavaScript engine, and includes changes to JavaScript support including the addition of a dayPeriod option for Intl.DateTimeFormat; a new relative indexing method for Array, String, and TypedArrays; and changes to the handling of SharedArrayBuffers on desktop platforms to match the behavior recently shipped on Android and Firefox.


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