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Friday, 10 February 2017

This round up of interesting posts from external sites has resources for those learning about and working with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. - Follow These 31 WordPress Developers to Sharpen Your Development Chops

Learning WordPress development on your own can be a long and lonely road filled with tutorials and the Codex. It can be difficult to not only find the specific information you need, but also identify the best of the resources available. If you really want to improve, find experts to learn from. - How to Create a Custom Page Template in WordPress 4.X

In today's WordPress hack we're going to show you how to create a custom page template for your WordPress site. - Wordpress vs Website Builders

Should WordPress or a website builder be used to build a website? This article will provide an overview of what I see as the major differences between website builders and WordPress. By the end, I hope you’ll have an idea of what’s right for you! - WordPress Development for Beginners: Getting Started

Interested in learning PHP and building your own themes and plugins for WordPress? Or just being able to code your own killer customizations for your websites? Learning WordPress development might seem like a daunting thing to do but it all comes down to getting started. - How to Create a Simple Responsive Drupal 8 Theme from Scratch

One of the first jobs that any Drupal developers need to do is to understand how Drupal works, and become used to it. And creating a Drupal theme from scratch is a skill that they are in absolute need of. But Drupal theming can be hard, and overwhelming, especially for new users who hold no experience in the subject. - My Joomla Site Was Hacked - What to Do

This article describes what to do if your CMS site has been hacked and how to fix a hacked Joomla website. - Hands-On Exercises: Movie Project

This collection of hands-on exercises will have you create a movie review site using Drupal. It begins with building the basic structure of the site using Drupal core and contributed modules, like Panels, in exercises 1-11. After the site is built the exercises move to theming the site using the Zen base theme (exercises 12-16). - How to Reset Joomla If You're Having File or Database Problems

In this troubleshooting guide, I'll show you some simple steps to reset the Joomla core files and database. Our team has used these steps to resolve hundreds of issues that have come up in support. - Create Comments in Drupal 8 Programmatically

Creating comments programmatically in Drupal 8 is incredibly easy once you know just which fields are required and why. In Drupal 8, comments are now full-featured, fieldable entities - just like nodes or taxonomy terms. In addition to unifying the way we create content, comments, and other entities, this has made Drupal's commenting system much more robust and flexible. - Drupal 8 REST Requests

In November, 2015, the Stanford Web Services team got to dive into Drupal 8 during a weeklong sprint. I was excited to look at the RESTful web services that Drupal 8 gives out-of-the-box; what follows is my documentation of the various types of requests supported, required headers, responses, and response codes.

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Ixia - WLAN Access Point: 10 Crucial Capabilities and How to Test for Them

Today’s WLAN access points are high-end devices with a powerful and complex set of features. By understanding these features better, you can improve quality of service and save precious hours of lost productivity due to Wi-Fi issues.




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