Infragistics Ignite UI For Angular Improves Data Grid
Written by Ian Elliot   
Tuesday, 08 September 2020

Infragistics has announced Ignite UI for Angular v 10.1.0, a month after the release by Google of Angular 10.1. The updated UI includes new features and enhancements to its Angular data grid, new themes, and a set of new Material-inspired industry icons.

Ignite UI for Angular is a library of user interface (UI) components for building web apps that use data sources.

I Programmer first covered it at its initial release in October 2012  when, in the context of NetAdvantage Ultimate 2012, Alex Denham reported on:

the addition of data visualization data chart and geospacial mapping controls in NetAdvantage for jQuery, which has been renamed Ignite UI.

I followed up with a tutorial Getting Started with NetAdvantage Ignite UI jQuery Controls.

Infragistics now has versions of Ignite UI for ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, React, Blazor and Angular as well as for jQuery.

Angular is the open source TypeScript-based web application framework initially developed by a team at Google and still heavily used at Google.


For  Angular v 10.1.0, the library, which has over 100 data charts, grids and components, includes a new theme and palettes in light and dark indigo. More usefully, grids have been improved, building on the enhancements in the recent 10.0 update that saw the select, combo, and drop-down components having display block and text-overflow ellipsis enabled by default. In the latest release, the Angular Grids have had a sorting indicator added that shows the index of each sorted column. You also have an option to hide the grid area row, and there's better control over the visibility of summaries.

It's now possible to bind columns to properties in nested data objects through a "path" of properties in the data record. Data operations (filtering/sorting/updating/etc.) are supported for the nested properties. Another improvement enables the pre-selection of rows as an input property.

Google's set of material icons for Angular has been extended in this release. The Infragistics material icons are an unofficial subset of icons that extends the official Material Design Icon set provided by Google. The extended package consists of 260 icons in seven categories - content, editor, finance, health, logos, programming, and social media.

The new release also includes an extended ASP.NET Core Repository that consists of different ASP.NET Core applications designed to show  how easy it can be to integrate between the server and a web application, built using any modern UI framework such as Angular, React, Web Components, jQuery, etc.


More Information


Ignite UI For Angular Website

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