Progress Survey of .NET Web Developers
Written by Janet Swift   
Thursday, 02 June 2016

The .NET development landscape has undergone dramatic change with many .NET developers now targeting their efforts at the web rather than the desktop. A recent survey explored the type of web projects they undertake and the tools they prefer.

 This is our second look at the 2016 .NET Community Reportrecently made available by Progress, the company that owns Telerik. For the background to the survey and its findings relating to Windows Desktop developers see Telerik Survey of .NET Developers




A key finding of the survey, which had 1862 respondents, is that almost half of them are targeting the responsive web and 45% the desktop web compared to only 30% targeting the desktop and 13% mobile. The percentages do not add up to 100 as more than one choice was permitted.


The markup language overwhelmingly preferred by the web developers surveyed is HTML (78%). This is markedly different to Windows Desktop developers who have a strong preference for XAML.


When it comes to JavaScript use, Progress lumps all the .NET developers together so we can't make the same distinction between web and desktop developers but only 8% don't use JavaScript at all.



With regard to Javascript frameworks, Angular is a clear winner with 56% opting for it and other well-known frameworks sharing 15%. Another point to note, given the overall popularity of JavaScript, is that over a fifth of web developers in the survey responded "“I wouldn’t develop web apps with JavaScript". According to the report this appears to indicate a preference among developers to use the server for an application’s logic and view rendering.

One of the main conclusions made by Progress is that increasingly .NET developers see themselves as Full-Stack developers stating in the report:

Be it web, desktop or mobile development, most developers are exposed to the vast gamut of technologies. Many .NET developers are well-versed in technologies that span the entire application stack, from UI to the database. Even within a single stack, a developer might see several architectures. In effect, it is great to see most .NET developers starting to consider themselves full-stack and often polyglot developers.


There's plenty more contained in the freely downloadable report.



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