Azure Functions 4 Adds .NET 6 Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 07 October 2021

Azure Functions 4 has been announced with the main improvement in the new version being support for .NET 6. The new release is now in public preview.

Azure Functions is a service that you can use to set up functions that are activated when specific events happen, such as an HTTP request, an event from a queue, timer or SQL trigger - any event from another service can trigger a function. It fulfills a similar role to AWS Lambda on the Amazon cloud.


Azure Functions has two programming models for .NET, in-process and isolated process. The in-process programming model means that using Azure Functions, you can write .NET 6 function apps that take advantage of advanced features such as durable functions.



The isolated process support can be used to develop .NET isolated process functions, which run out-of-process in Azure Functions. Microsoft says that running out-of-process lets you decouple your function code from the Azure Functions runtime. It also provides a way for you to create and run functions that target the current .NET 6.0 release.

Until the isolated process model was developed, Azure Functions only supported a tightly integrated mode for .NET functions, which ran as a class library in the same process as the host.

The isolated model provides features such as dependency injection and middleware. Currently, developers can use the command line to create and deploy .NET 6 isolated apps. The .NET 6 isolated process support is "coming soon" to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

The 4.0 runtime supports all Azure Functions languages, including C#, F#, Java, JavaScript, PowerShell, Python and TypeScript.

To try the new version and run your apps locally on the preview runtime, download the Azure Functions Core Tools 4.0 preview.



More Information

Azure Functions On GitHub

Azure Functions Core Tools 4.0 preview

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