MAUI Now Available For .NET 7
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 03 January 2023

The MAUI Framework is now generally available in .NET 7. The main improvements since the previous release is better performance for  CollectionView, and new desktop features as Microsoft increases the target beyond mobile to desktop.

NET MAUI is the .NET Multi-platform App UI, a framework for building native device applications spanning mobile, tablet, and desktop. It allows developers to create a single project that works on multiple targets. Any platform-specific assets are placed in sub-folders, and the developer can focus on writing shared UI and code.


One of the improvements in this release is the inclusion of a .NET MAUI Map control. This is an updated version of the same control from Xamarin.Forms, and like the other UI controls in MAUI is a cross-platform abstraction of the native map control provided by each platform. The control supports pins, custom pins, drawing polygons, polylines, and circles, geocoding and geolocation. It also takes care of launching the native map application on the device you’re running.

The second improvement is to the rendering performance on mobile devices. The development team has optimized the rendering path for basic views, and addressed several issues that had caused jerkiness when scrolling in the CollectionView list control in the previous release.

There are also a number of improvements to MAUI for building desktop applications, including better handling of the Window size and position, context menus and tooltips.

Alongside the release of the main .NET MAUI for .NET 7, there's also an updated version of the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit that has improvements including new Views, Layouts and Tizen support alongside .NET 7 support. The Tizen support means the toolkit can be used for creating apps for Samsung TVs, phones, and other devices running Tizen. Other improvements to the toolkit include a new  Expander view, a container control that provides a way to expand and collapse visual content when tapping a header. The control comprises of two sections, the header and content.

There's also a new dock layout that lets you dock views to the sides of the layout container; and a statecontainer that can be used to dynamically display content based on the state of your application. Examples range from creating loading views to an overlay on the screen, or on a subsection of the screen.

The Community Toolkit is a community-created library that contains Extensions, Advanced UI/UX Controls, Converters, and Behaviors.

.NET MAUI for .NET 7 and the updated Community Toolkit are available now. 


More Information

MAUI On GitHub

MAUI Community Toolkit On GitHub

.NET Multi-platform App UI

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