Bing Ads SDK For .NET Beta
Written by Lucy Black   
Tuesday, 07 October 2014

Microsoft has released a new library for users of the Bing Ads platform


The Bing Ads SDK beta, which is available as a NuGet package for .NET brings together existing facilities including the Bulk API, OAuth Authorization and Microsoft's SOAP Services.

Announcing the availability of the beta Tienrey Kuhn explains why such a package is needed by pointing out that while the Bulk API has offered devs an efficient way to manage their advertising campaigns, keywords and other entities as a text-based API, it requires a lot of work on the client side to parse the files storing the Bing Ads entities. On the other hand while SOAP APIs can be easily accessed using an automatically generated object model the data transfer rate is very slow.

Kuhn writes: 

The Bing Ads SDK closes this gap by providing an infrastructure for accessing the Bulk API using the same object model as our SOAP APIs. It’s very easy now to migrate your existing code working with the SOAP API objects to take advantage of the Bulk API.

Bing Ads is currently actively transitioning to the OAuth Authorization model, which is seen as "a better and more secure way to handle user authentication than the traditional username/password authentication".

Accordingly, to make this transition easier the Bing Ads SDK includes:

"high-level implementations of standard OAuth 2.0 grant flows, including the authorization code grant flow for both web and desktop applications and the implicit grant flow for desktop applications."

Work is ongoing on a Java versions of the SDK and there's a Python version in the pipeline. Microsoft will be releasing the SDK source code under the MS-Public license on GitHub, where devs will be able to browse and download the code or send pull requests if they want to make a contribution.



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