Visual Studio 2019 Now Available
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 02 April 2019

Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2019 for Mac are both now generally available. Both versions aim to get developers into their code faster (mainly via a new start window), while the Mac version has a new C# editor. 

Other improvements include increased coding space, improved search, and AI-powered assistance with IntelliCode.



Visual Studio also has better code navigation and a new document health indicator and one-click code clean-up to apply multiple refactoring rules.

When debugging, you can set data breakpoints that only break on specific value changes. Collaboration improvements include built-in access to Visual Studio Live Share. This lets a team collaborate on the same codebase without the need to synchronize code or to configure the same development tools, settings, or environment.

IntelliCode is another area to have been improved with the use of machine learning to make IntelliCode understand coding context based on a project's existing code. The extension shows you the recommended code completion options at the top of a list of suggestions, marked by stars.

The suggestions in IntelliCode are based on an Azure machine learning model trained on over 2,000 GitHub repos, including machine learning frameworks, web frameworks, and general purpose scripting. The machine learning model is complete so the VS add-on that implements it doesn't have to look anything up on GitHub or Azure.

The code editor in Visual studio for Mac has been completely replaced with a new editor built on a shared core with Visual Studio on Windows, and with native macOS UI. This gives Mac developers access to IntelliSense/code-completion and quick fix suggestions. The new editor also has support for bi-directional text, multi-caret, and word wrapping.



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