VS Code Adds Terminal Tabs
Written by Alex Denham   
Monday, 21 June 2021

Another month, another release of VS Code by Microsoft. This month's tweaks have largely been previewed in earlier releases, but make it into the official additions for this release. The list includes terminal tabs, Workspace Trust, and remote repositories.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is Microsoft's free to use source-code editor. The name is the misleading as it has nothing to do with Visual Studio, but Microsoft's continual work is slowly turning it into a good (if quirky) working environment.


Extra security in the form of 'workplace trust' is implemented in this release. This equates to extra security against code execution when browsing unfamiliar source code, and in practical terms means you can decide whether your project folders should allow or restrict automatic code execution. When you're browsing external code and have Workspace Trust enabled, you get a dialog asking if you trust the authors. If you click the choice that you don't, VS Code will go into Restricted Mode to prevent code execution.


Terminal Tabs (which were included in preview in the previous release) are now fully enabled so you can manage and group multiple open terminals. The new tabs view appears when you have at least two open terminals. The developers say they've tried to align how the new tabs behave with how the Explorer works, so double-clicking the empty space will create a new terminal, and double-clicking the sash will toggle the tabs view width between the "ideal" size that displays all the titles without truncating and a narrow view that shows only the icons.

Along with tabs, the new release adds terminal statuses. A terminal can have many statuses, each representing a state the terminal can be in temporarily, with the highest severity one being displayed next to the tab.

Alongside the main VS Code release, the Python extension for Visual Code has also been updated. It now uses Pylance as the default language server for Python, and this is bundled with the core Python extension as an optional extension starting with this release.



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