Apache Tuweni 2 Adds JSON-RPC Support
Thursday, 19 August 2021

Apache Tuweni has been updated to version 2.0, with improvements including JSON-RPC clients and servers, and a new faucet application with a simple wallet.

Apache Tuweni is a set of libraries and other tools that can be used when developing blockchain and other decentralized software in Java and other JVM languages. It includes a low-level bytes library, serialization and deserialization codecs,  various cryptography functions and primitives, and other helpful utilities.


Tuweni is an Apache Incubator project. It was originally developed as the Cava project at ConsenSys, and is mainly written in Java with some Kotlin. Tuweni is a Lakota word that means both both never and nobody.

Tuweni consists of four main elements. There are low level libraries for bytes and units, as well as popular blockchain serialization formats such as RLP and SSZ. The next element is a collection of crypto libraries that are based on sodium and bouncycastle. These provide symmetric and asymmetric encryption as well as hashing.

Ethereum centric libraries are another element within Tuweni. These can be used to evaluate domain objects and index chains, and also implement ethereum wire protocol and the LES subprotocol, the discv4 and discv5 discovery protocols. The final component is a collection of Blockchain and peer to peer network libraries that add secure scuttlebutt and hobbits.

The main improvements to the new release start with the JSON-RPC client and server, though the developers say work has really only just started on the server.

The next addition of note is the new faucet application that includes a simple wallet. In cryptocurrency applications, faucets are apps that can be used to distribute a small amount of currency to a user for performing some minor action.

Version 2 of Tuweni also adds the ability for users to select to keep select connections to other peers alive, and to reconnect on disconnection (RLPx). Other improvements include an implementation of the EVM as Kotlin code, instead of importing EVMC, and a new ethstats server, network crawler, proxy subprotocol and support for eth/66 (RLPx).

Tuweni is available on the Tuweni website and GitHub.


More Information

Tuweni Website

Tuweni On GitHub

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