Stack Overflow Improves Teams Integration
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 08 November 2021

Stack Overflow has announced improved integration with Microsoft Teams, which they are describing as being their latest step in serving their paid and enterprise customer base. Stack Overflow for Teams can be used by development teams to ask questions and find answers asynchronously.

The original integration between Stack Overflow and Teams was launched two years ago, and the company says that:

"Since that launch, scores of our customers have used it to get faster access to knowledge within their existing workflows. We’ve even seen a 137% increase in the MS Teams usage over the past six months within our Enterprise customers."


Since the start of lockdown, Stack Overflow saw a 229% increase in Microsoft Teams integrations within its Business tier of Stack Overflow for Teams.

The integration connects the chat platform used by an organization with its internal knowledge base, so that Teams' users can make use of Stack Overflow within existing workflows. This cuts down on context switching, and makes it easier to search for answers and ask questions.

The new version aims to cut down on context switching. The previous version used the channel bot action to search all of Stack Overflow for Teams. Search results were then displayed within the channel for quick access to everyone in the channel. The new release has a message extension feature, meaning a user can search the Stack Overflow for Teams knowledge base from within a chat channel in Microsoft Teams. The integration provides the best fitting match.

There's also a Personal App feature that makes Teams more like native Stack Overflow. letting them view bookmarked, followed, and personal Questions along with personal articles.

Knowledge capture has also been improved. Users could already ask questions in the channel bot and get the best matching result directly within their Microsoft Teams chat. If there isn't a good match, the user is prompted to ask a question on Stack Overflow for Teams.  The improvements mean that it's easier to converting posts within Microsoft Teams to a question within Stack Overflow for Teams to reuse the knowledge in the future. It's also easier to capture additional detail and help to minimize the need to switch between applications, and team members can cooperate on putting together a question. 


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