NetBeans 15 Improves Language Server Protocol Support
Monday, 12 September 2022

Apache NetBeans 15 has been released with improvements including better support for Language Server Protocol (LSP), along with updates to Maven integration and better YAML editing.


NetBeans is an IDE for Java SE, Java EE, PHP and JavaScript development with some Groovy and C/C++ support. It provides editors, wizards and templates, and is cross platform.

The improvements to the Language Server Protocol start with the addition of Javadoc code completion via LSP. Javadoc is a tool that generates Java code documentation in the HTML format from Java source code.   Client threading and fonts colors have been improved in the client, and Format Document and Format Selection actions have been implemented, so LSP can read formatting settings exported form NetBeans.

The improvements to YAML editing are described as minor keyboard tweaks to make YAML editing more convenient, with the tweaks including auto closing quotes and mustache.

The work on Maven integration has mainly been carried out on the Maven Indexer, starting with a fix that stops the indexer dropping the caching of the allGroups and rootGroups properties in the index. This was a necessary fix as NetBeans expects the index to be readily available. Other work has optimized local repo indexing, and to overcome problems caused in some circumstances where an 'index out of bounds' error was triggered.

Elsewhere, the Groovy debugger now runs in a separate module to ensure breakpoints in the debugger work in inner classes; and the Gradle Tooling API has been upgraded to 7.5 with Java 18 support.

NetBeans 15 is available for download now. 


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