Rapid Launches API Hub For Business
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 10 March 2023

API hub provider Rapid has announced a public beta of a new API Hub for Business that is designed to give organizations a way to quickly launch a custom hub.

RapidAPI is described as the world's largest API hub, and is used by three million developers. The hub can be used to find, test, and connect to APIs from a single API dashboard. The company also has RapidAI Studio which provides a way for developers to work using it as a desktop app, online, and inside VS Code as a native extension.


The hub contains thousands of existing APIs organized by type and category across any API infrastructure, including multiple API gateways, so developers can look for an API that fits with a project and embed it into an app. The dashboard can also be used to track usage of your APIs.

The new API Hub for Business provides companies with their own hub so they get more control and can drive developer engagement and make money from their API program.

The hub supports every API protocol and every API type, and has a flexible price model with three tiers to appeal to organizations ranging from a small startup to a growing midsize business. Organizations who sign up during the public beta get a free 30-day trial.

business hub branding

The hub gives organizations more control over the payment process by letting them use their Stripe account for payments, so avoiding the need to use a third-party for financial transactions.

The hub is customizable so an organization can use their own branding such as company logo, colors, and imagery. The organization also gets their own domain so they can promote their APIs within their dedicated space meaning customers can see other APIs also being offered.

Rapid says the hub will have a flexible price model that supports every API protocol and every API.


More Information

RapidAPI Business Hub Trial

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