Git 2.40 Improves Jump
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 21 March 2023

The latest version of Git, the distributed version control system, has been released with improvements including Emacs support in Git Jump.

Git jump was introduced several versions back. It's an optional tool that ships with Git in its contrib directory, and when used wraps other Git commands, like git grep and feeds their results into Vim’s quickfix list.


Using jump makes it possible to write something like git jump grep foo and have Vim be able to quickly navigate between all matches of “foo” in your project. The tool also works with diff and merge. In Git 2.40, git jump now supports Emacs in addition to Vim, allowing you to use git jump to populate a list of locations to your Emacs client.

Another tool to have received attention in this release is Git’s cat-file tool, which can be used to print out the contents of arbitrary objects.

Git allows rewriting name and email pairs according to a repository’s mailmap, and cat-file already supported using this to print out object contents. Cat-file has been updated in this release so it correctly reports the size of an object as if it had been written using the replacement identities when invoked with --use-mailmap.

Developers have also been working on the long-running effort to rewrite old parts of Git from their original Perl or Shell implementations into more modern C equivalents. The long term aim of this is that these rewrites run much more quickly on platforms that have a high process start-up cost, such as Windows.

Git’s CI infrastructure has also been improved to run faster for non-Windows developers. This has been achieved by disabling long-running Windows-specific CI builds outside of the git-for-windows repository. If you’re a Git developer, this means that your CI runs should complete more quickly, and consume fewer resources per push.

Git 2.40 is available now.


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