Zenhub Releases Enterprise 4.0
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 18 October 2023

Zenhub has released an update to its on-premise project management tool that is natively integrated into GitHub. Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 adds the option of use without a GitHub account.

Zenhub is an agile project management tool that can be used for product roadmaps and is natively integrated into GitHub. Zenhub can be used to plan sprints, create epics, and visualize workflow from within GitHub. Zenhub is available inside GitHub via a browser extension or as a standalone web app.

Zenhub is free for personal and open source projects, and includes Roadmaps, Epics, Estimates, and Reporting Suite. It has multi-repo and cross-org support, API access, and Slack integration.


Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 is aimed at businesses that are required to host critical data on-premise rather than in the cloud. The latest release has more integrations to help with productivity along with a new platform experience that removes the need for users to have a GitHub account in order to use Zenhub.

Aaron Upright, Zenhub's co-founder, said:

"While the cloud has taken the enterprise by storm, many of our largest customers still run a hybrid model with mission-critical data kept on-premise. Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 is designed specifically to support this requirement."

He said Zenhub is seeing a growing need in larger organizations to consolidate technical and non-technical teams into the same project management solutions.

Zenhub says factors including data privacy and intellectual property ownership have become increasingly unclear with the recent advances in AI and the wide-scale adoption of LLMs within many SaaS products.

The new version of Zenhub Enterprise has made the process of joining an existing ZenHub organization easier by making Zenhub Organizations visible at the time of onboarding to users signing up with the same email domain as the Zenhub Organization creator. This means users who are associated by domain no longer need to be invited to join a new organization. There's also a new "Allowed Domains" feature that lets organizations specify the domains from which they accept requests, providing an extra layer of security and speeding up user onboarding.

The Zenhub platform also has new features, including a project hierarchy feature that means every project on the roadmap has a dedicated flyover that describes the project and shows the contributors who created and closed the project.

A new Issues feature has been added that lets teams work together in Zenhub without a GitHub account. Zenhub Issues function similarly to GitHub Issues but are separate from GitHub, meaning team members who don't use GitHub can still be part of the team. It can also be used for tracking non-development tasks. Issues created in Zenhub can now be converted to GitHub Issues, which again brings users who don't have GitHub into the team as active members who can create issues that may evolve into development tasks.

The Zenhub team has also extended the GitHub Projects Importer to support the importing of pipelines, repositories, and issues from existing classic GitHub project boards into Zenhub.

There's also a new GitHub Productivity Insights dashboard that shows six productivity metrics based on the team's activities in GitHub. The metrics are Issue Completion %, Average Issue Cycle Time, Issue Completion Ratio, PR Throughput, Average Code Review Time, and PR Merge Ratio.

In addition to the GitHub related features, the new version comes with the ability to embed Figma, Miro, or Loom files into Zenhub. Miro and Figma embeds in Zenhub display a preview of the content from the file, while the Loom support lets users watch full videos inside Zenhub.

Zenhub Enterprise is available now.


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