Visual Studio 17.9 Now Generally Available
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 18 March 2024

Visual Studio 17.9 is now fully available with AI assistance and better extensibility. The first preview of 17.10 has also been made available in preview.

Visual Studio 2022 follows the Microsoft Product Fixed Lifecycle Policy of 10 years. The first 5 years of mainstream support provide new features, platform updates, security updates, functionality fixes, and quality improvements.


The Visual Studio team says this release comes with more capabilities and improvements that enhance productivity for you and your team, such as AI-assistance and better extensibility.

"From AI-powered Git commit messages and enhanced C++ game development tools to .NET/C# advancements and responsive project management capabilities, this release caters to a wide array of you and your team’s development needs."

The use of AI in Visual Studio 17.9 includes support for AI-generated Git commits, and the preview of Visual Studio 17.10 includes chat based on AI in the IDE. 

The AI Generated Git commit message feature is designed to assist you in succinctly describing your changes when making a commit to Git, with the aim of improving clarity and relevance in your commits. GitHub Copilot analyzes your commit's file changes, provides a summary, and then offers a descriptive message for each change. You can then accept or discard the message. A related improvement adds the ability to open a pull request in Visual Studio or the browser. The VS team says this feature aims to support GitHub and Azure DevOps users who prefer to use the browser view for creating pull requests.

Other general improvements include non-modal Debug Visualizers allowing concurrent interaction with the editor while the visualizer window is active, along with having multiple types of visualizers open simultaneously. 

C++ developers get a number of improvements, including the ability to use the Memory Layout feature to visualize the memory layout of your classes, structs, and unions directly in the editor. The #include Diagnostics feature also provides insights into the frequency of element usage from an included file, as well as the impact of each #include directive on the build time of the file you're currently editing.

Visual Studio 2022 17.9 is available now.


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