Visual Studio 2022 Will Be 64-bit
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Microsoft has released details of Visual Studio 2022, a preview of which will be released this summer. The headline change is that the new version will be 64-bit.

The move to 64-bit will mean developers using Visual Studio will be able to make use of all their system RAM, rather than being limited to 4GB of main memory as was the case with previous versions.


The Visual Studio team was keen to point out that developers will still be able to create 32-bit apps. In a blog post about the new version, Amanda Silver, CVP of Product, Developer Division at Microsoft demoed a video of Visual Studio using the additional memory that’s available to a 64-bit process to open a solution with 1,600 projects and around 300,000 files to demonstrate the lack of limits the move will provide.

The new release also has changes to the user interface, with changes for modernizing the UI and reducing crowding. There are updated icons that the team claims are clearer, more legible and higher contrast, and a new fixed width font that offers "better readability and ligature support". The new release is also integrated with Accessibility Insights to detect accessibility issues early on.


In more practical terms, the new release will have full support for .NET 6,  including the .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) and the ability to use ASP.NET Blazor web technologies to write desktop apps via .NET MAUI.

C++ support has been improved with new productivity features, C++20 tooling, and IntelliSense. Microsoft is also integrating support for CMake, Linux, and WSL to make it easier to create, edit, build, and debug cross-platform apps.

Productivity improvements include new collaboration options using Live Share, which in Visual Studio 2022 will introduce integrated text chat that Microsoft suggests will let developers have quick conversations about code without any context switches.

The AI IntelliCode engine has also been improved with "more and deeper integrations into your daily workflows, helping you to take the right action in the right place at the right time". Just what you needed.


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