Top 10 From Around The Web: Ruby On Rails Resources
Written by Alex Amstrong   
Thursday, 16 March 2017

The I-Programmer team reports a lot of news and originates loads of helpful articles, but there's far more out there than we can possibly cover. So from time to time we trawl through other people's blogs to find posts of interest. This time the focus is Ruby on Rails. - 10 Great Sites Built with Ruby on Rails

In this post we're going to take a look at some really awesome sites that have been built with Ruby on Rails to inspire you to get coding and build that world-changing business idea you've been talking about! - What's the Best IDE for Ruby Development?

There are dozens of integrated development environments (IDEs) available to the public. But depending on your primary programming function, some may benefit you and your team more than others. - How to Install Rails 5 on Linux

In setting up for the Treehouse Rails 5 Basics course, we're also updating our installation help workshops to cover Rails 5. We figured we'd share those directions here, as a little nudge to those of you who still haven't discovered how awesome Rails is. - How To Implement Devise With 2-factor Authentication: Tutorial

Recently I had to create a simple feature - two factor authentication (2FA) in a Rails application. I began with some quick research to see what is available online, what is recommended, and to think about how it might fit in with our projects at Netguru. - Running a Rails Application on Deis

In the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of development in the devops field. It's becoming much easier for developers to provision servers and deploy their applications on those servers just with a couple of key strokes. - Building a Customer Service Chat App with Rails 5 Action Cable and SMS

For this tutorial we’ll create a two way customer support chat system for a company that wants to directly communicate with their customer not only via their site but also via SMS. The web app will be the interface for the “customer support agent” and powered by Action Cable, while the customers can use their phone to send text messages straight to the support agent. - Rails 5: How to Create a Ruby on Rails Project (MySQL, Git)

Article presents how to initialize basic Ruby on Rails application (Rails 5) on Ubuntu 16.04 with MySQL database. - Best Ways to Debug a Ruby on Rails Application

Even if you're the best Rails developer in the world, you are going to have to debug your code from time to time. With other frameworks, this is a very frustrating process, but that isn't the case with Ruby on Rails. - Container-Ready Rails 5

Rails 5 will be the easiest release ever to get running on Heroku. You can get it going in just five lines. - How to Remove Action Cable from a Rails App

This is your complete guide to removing Action Cable from a Rails 5 app.

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Ixia - DDoS Mitigation Just Won’t Work Without this Secret Ingredient

In today’s cyber war, DDoS mitigation services and tools are your weapons. Your in-house security team members are your soldiers. But without a real simulation of a DDoS attack, you are not really prepared. Here is Ixia's 4-step process for DDoS mitigation. 

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