Updated Rust Improves Documentation
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 12 June 2017

There's a new version of the systems programming language Rust with improvements to package handling and rewritten documentation.


Rust was originally sponsored by Mozilla, and is designed to be safe, fast and concurrent without having a garbage collector. Intended uses include embedding in other languages, writing programs with specific space and time requirements, and writing low-level code, like device drivers and operating systems.

A major improvement to the new version is a new edition of “The Rust Programming Language”, the official book about Rust. The new edition is a complete re-write on the previous edition, with better explanations for a lot of Rust’s core concepts, and instructions for new projects to build.

In the language, the way the pub keyword works has been changed to make it easier to declare APIs that are “public to your crate”, but not exposed to your users.

Seven new APIs were stabilized this release: 

  • Child::try_wait is a non-blocking form of Child::wait.

  • HashMap::retain and HashSet::retain bring the retain API Vec<T> has to these two hash data structures.

  • PeekMut::pop lets you pop the top element from a BinaryHeap<T> after you’ve already peeked at it without needing to reorder the heap a second time.

  • TcpStream::peek, UdpSocket::peek, UdpSocket::peek_from let you peek at a stream or socket.


Cargo has also been improved. Cargo lets developers use modern application package management within Rust. The updated version has added support for the Pijul VCS. Cargo also has several new flags including  --bins, --examples, --tests, and --benches, which will let you build all programs of that type. Finally, Cargo now supports Haiku and Android.

The next release of Rust, which is currently in beta, will focus more on improvements to the compiler speed.


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