Write in C - a tribute to Denis Ritchie
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Sunday, 16 October 2011

We couldn't let our news item on the passing of Denis Ritchie be the last word, so here is an old song that many of you will know but somehow now it has a deeper meaning.

The song "Write in C" is an adaptation of the song "Let It Be" by The Beatles. It appeared around 1987 and it has been evolving ever since. This article used to feature a strange, rendition accompanying a poem by Denis Ritchie but this appears no longer to be available.


Instead we have a later version published on YouTube as a tribute to Dennis Ritchie shortly after his death in 2011: 


There are so many good lines but we can't help but quote:

Write in C, write in C, Write in C, yeah, write in C. Java's not quite there yet, Write in C.

And one final quote from the man himself:

When I read commentary about suggestions for where C should go, I often think back and give thanks that it wasn't developed under the advice of a worldwide crowd.

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