What Can Devs Expect at Google I/O and Microsoft Build?
Written by Lucy Black   
Thursday, 12 April 2018

Two of the big annual developer conferences are taking place in the second week of May and now we have quite a lot of information of what is on the agenda for both of them.



Google is no longer accepting applications for I/O 2018 but there are I/O Extended events taking place around the globe for viewing the live stream of the majority of the Keynotes and Sessions from the Shoreline Ampitheatre. I/O opens at 10 am (PT) with Sundar Pichai's keynote. The Developer Keynote is at 12:45 pm

A new feature this year is Keynote Sessions, which take a broader look at how the technology Google developers build impacts the wider world. Over the three days of the conference they include:

Designing for inclusion: insights from John Madea and Hannah Beachler
Design, machine learning, and creativity

Building healthy technology
How applications of neuroscience are improving accessibiliy 

Building for everyone: how to use tech to change the world

Sessions that will be of particular interest on May 8 are What's new in AndroidWhat's new in Android Development ToolsThe future of the Android app model and distribution on Google Play (which has two parts one after the other); and An introduction to developing Actions for the Google Assistant all of which take place in the Ampitheatre.

On May 9 the sessions held there include ones on Tensor Flow, Android Things, Android Architecture Components. May 10's first session from the main stage has the title AI Adventures:art science and tools of machine learning. Next comes How to Kotlin - from the Lead Kotlin Language Designer and that's one we expect to be popular both in person and for remote viewers. 

In addition to Sessions, seven or more of which take place simultaneously, I/O has Codelabs, App Review and Office Hour

One thing is sure I Programmer will bring you news and view for the event next month.




Microsoft is planning only one major keynote for Build and as that happens on its Day 1, which is May 7 its news will come in first. The keynote speakers during this 3-hour event are CEO Satya Nadella; Executive VP for Cloud and Enterprise Scott Guthrie; Executive VP for Windows and Devices Terry Myerson; and Executive VP of AI and Research Harry Shum.

Apart from this Build will include 350 technical sessions and interactive workshops and topics include:

  • AI and machine learning
  • Progressive web apps
  • User experience design
  • Developer tools, languages, and frameworks
  • Building trust in technology
  • Big data and advanced analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Mixed reality
  • Containers
  • Serverless
  • Hybrid cloud
  • DevOps

Top of this list of featured sessions on the Build Site is: Designing a massive, global datacenter hardware and software architecture which has the description:

Feed your imagination with a tour of the datacenter architecture and implementation that runs Microsoft Azure. Azure covers more than 150 datacenters in 40 announced regions, and it’s growing fast. It delivers the promise of cloud computing—including high availability, extreme performance, and security—by custom designing software and hardware to work best together. You’ll come away with insight on reliable clean-energy datacenter designs, using FPGAs to accelerate networking and machine learning, designing storage servers to deliver ultralow latency and high throughput, and more. 

Sounds fascinating even it not something your own team is about to embark on. More down to earth are Building the future of IoT apps in which you'll learn about Microsoft's vision for the IoT of tomorrow or Building performant offline-capable web apps in which early adopters of Progress Web Apps on Windows 10  focus on performance and maintaining functionality even under poor network conditions. 

Azure SQL Database, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresQL and Cosmos DB are included in the mix, and so are blockchain and fluent design - so something for everybody and you can still register for Microsoft Build. 



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