Copilot X Star Of Show on Build Day 1
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Wednesday, 24 May 2023

What do you get if you combine GitHub Copilot with ChatGPT? The answer is Copilot X which is set to revolutionize how we build apps. GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke showcased it on the opening day of Build and made a special announcement to the live audience in Seattle.

Open AI's ChatGPT has already made a huge impact and the first announcement made by Satya Nadella at Build was:

We are bringing the search grounding in Bing to ChatGPT

The change, which takes effect in ChatGTP Plus immediately, means that ChatGPT will no longer be limited by its outdated training data.

Nadella next announced the Windows Copilot to join the line up of recently announced Copilots for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Viva and Microsoft Security. Copilots are AI-powered assistants that help you with your work via a conversation interface. For users of Windows 11 the Copilot will arrive in July and help you with routine tasks and improve your user experience. Copilots are also in the pipeline for Power BI (visual data analytics), Power Pages (rapid build websites) and Microsoft Fabric, the new analytics platform announced at Build.

copilotstack nadella 

Nadella's third announcement was the launch of the Copilot Stack - essentially opening up the architectural stack used by Microsoft to build the Copilots so that developers can use it to build their own Copilots for their applications. Microsoft is sharing everything from the AI infrastructure and foundation models, through the AI Orchestration to the plugin extensibility. The idea is for common extensibility across ChatGPT, BingChat, Microsoft Copilots and Copilots built by developers and the adoption of an open plugin standard the idea is that you can write them once and run them everywhere.

KScott copilot

Build's second Keynote delivered by, Microsoft Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of AI, Kevin Scott has the title "The era of the AI Copilot" and goes into the idea of a Copilot and the Copilot Stack in more detail culminating in a walkthrough of a Copilot Scott built to automatically produce a social media post for his podcast.


Scott Guthrie presented the third keynote and he opened with the message:

AI is going to profoundly change how we work and how every organization operates. Every existing app will be reinvented with AI. New apps will be built that weren't possible before.

Guthrie also had some pretty convincing statistics to share about the adoption GitHub Copilot:


Guthrie introduced GitHub Copilot X, the new version of the tool that enhances Copilot with ChatGPT 4 capability  and also adds Copilot for Pull Requests and Automatic Test Generation. However it was Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub who showcased Copilot X with three different examples of it in action:

Dohmke takes advantage of Copilot Chat to issue prompts both with natural language and with shortcuts. His demo indicates that  GitHub Copilot chat is not just a chat window but that it understands what code a developer has typed, what error messages are shown, and how it is deeply integrated into the IDE so that a developer can get in-depth analysis and explanations of what code blocks are intended to do, generate unit tests, and even get proposed fixes to bugs.

The announcement made at the end of the demo was that  everyone in the live audience would skip the waitlist for GitHub Copilot Chat and have immediate access to it. For the rest of us admission to the private beta is limited and requires an active subscription to GitHub Copilot. You can sign up to the wait list on GitHub, but as the rubric states, signing up does not guarantee access.



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