Micro:bit - Getting On WiFi
Written by Harry Fairhead   
Monday, 11 July 2022
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Micro:bit - Getting On WiFi
AT Commands
Configuring WiFi
A Web Server
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  • Adding WiFi to the micro:bit is fairly easy using the low-cost ESP8266 ESP-01, which connects via the serial port and makes use of AT style commands to control the device as if it was a WiFi modem.

  • In addition to an ESP8266, you also need a power supply capable of running it.

  • You can use AT commands to set the device into client mode and connect to a WiFi network.

  • While it is possible to use ad-hoc protocols, there are advantages in using TCP, HTTP and HTML so that other devices can work with the micro:bit.

  • The micro:bit can use client mode to download data from web servers.

  • It can also emulate a server to deliver data to any web browser or HTML-using client.

Micro:bit IoT In C Second Edition

By Harry Fairhead


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  1. The Micro:bit Family
  2. Getting Started With C/C++ ***NEW!
  3. First Steps With The GPIO
  4. Fast Memory-Mapped GPIO
  5. Pulse Width Modulation, Servos and More
    Extract: Micro:bit - Basic PWM
  6. I2C Bus
  7. I2C Measuring Temperature And Humidity
  8. Creating A Custom Protocol
  9. DS18B20 1-Wire Temperature Sensor
  10. SPI Bus
  11. A‑to‑D With The SPI Bus
  12. Serial Connections
  13. Getting On WiFi
  14. The LED Display
  15. Radio Sounds
    Extract: Morse Transmitter
  16. Appendix I The Mbed Online Compiler
  17. Appendix II Yotta And Offline Development



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