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Microsoft Azure Storage (Microsoft Press)
Monday, 30 October 2023

In this "Definitive Guide" to designing, deploying, and managing Azure storage services for maximum performance, scalability, and value, Avinash Valiramani shows how to make the most of Azure storage tools and services to reduce downtime, avoid unnecessary costs, simplify management, and maintain performance no matter how large the environment scales. He includes coverage of Azure blob, file, queue storage, managed disks, Data Share, and Data Box.

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The Greatest Capitalist Who Ever Lived (Public Affairs)
Friday, 27 October 2023

This book tells the story of Thomas Watson Jr., who Ralph Watson McElvenny and Marc Wortman argue is a figure more important to the creation of the modern world than Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, and Morgan. Nearly fifty years into IBM’s existence, Thomas Watson Jr. undertook the biggest gamble in business history when he “bet the farm” on the creation of the IBM System/360, the world’s first fully integrated and compatible mainframe computer.

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Driving Value with Sprint Goals (Addison-Wesley)
Wednesday, 25 October 2023

Subtitled "Humble Plans, Exceptional Results", this book looks at the use of Sprint goals to get the whole Scrum team behind clear goals that deliver real value (outcomes)--not just more features (output). Sprint Goals are your most powerful tool for achieving this alignment, but many teams avoid, misuse, or struggle with them. Maarten Dalmijn guides you through defining, creating, and executing on Sprint Goals that deliver outstanding value to customers and the business.

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Functional Design: Principles, Patterns, and Practices (Addison-Wesley)
Monday, 23 October 2023

In this book, Robert C. Martin explains how and why to use functional programming to build better systems for real customers. Martin compares conventional object-oriented coding structures in Java to those enabled by functional languages, identifies the best roles for each, and shows how to build better systems by judiciously using them in context.

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Coding with the micro:bit (In Easy Steps)
Friday, 20 October 2023

Subtitled "Create Cool Programming Projects", this book is the 5th title in the QuestKids set of books aimed at younger children in a large-size format with full color. Dan Aldred introduces you to the hardware and software features of the BBC micro:bit, including the built-in microphone, speaker, and touch sensor added in micro:bit version 2. You’ll learn new skills such as how to code your micro:bit to play music, send messages, display pictures, and detect light.


Pro ASP.NET Core 7, 10th Ed (Manning)
Wednesday, 18 October 2023

Now in its tenth edition, in this guide to ASP.NET Core Adam Freeman shows how to create easy, extensible, and cloud-native web applications. The book has been fully updated to .NET 7, with extensive chapters on Razor Pages, Blazor, and the MVC framework.


Software Requirements Essentials (Addison-Wesley)
Monday, 16 October 2023

This book presents 20 core practices for successful requirements planning, elicitation, analysis, specification, validation, and management. Karl Wiegers and Candase Hokanson focus on the practices most likely to deliver value for both traditional and agile projects. The book offers just enough pragmatic "how-to" detail on how to apply the core practices with confidence, whether you're a business analyst, requirements engineer, product manager, product owner, or developer. Using it, an entire team can build a shared understanding of key concepts, terminology, techniques, and rationales.


Code to Joy (MIT Press)
Friday, 13 October 2023

In this informative, accessible, and very funny book, subtitled "Why Everyone Should Learn a Little Programming", Michael L. Littman inspires readers to learn how to tell machines what to do for us. Rather than give in to the fear that computers will steal our jobs, spy on us and control what we buy and whom we vote for, we can improve our relationship with them just by learning basic programming skills.

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Essential TypeScript 5, 3rd Ed (Manning)
Wednesday, 11 October 2023

This guide to TypeScript takes the reader through the nuts and bolts of the language. No frills, no fuss—just TypeScript essentials. Adam Freeman begins with the hows-and-whys of TypeScript, then quickly progresses to practical applications of static types. The revised third edition shows how to get the most out of TypeScript 5 for a consistent, dependable development experience.

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Machine Learning Engineering with Python, 2nd Ed (Packt)
Monday, 09 October 2023

This is a practical guide to building ML solutions to real-world problems. Andrew P. McMahon takes an examples-based approach and covers technical concepts, implementation patterns, and development methodologies. This edition has a new chapter on deep learning, generative AI, and LLMOps, and covers tools like LangChain, PyTorch, and Hugging Face to use LLMs for analysis. The book also looks at AI assistants like GitHub Copilot.


Quantum Computing (For Dummies)
Friday, 06 October 2023

This book preps the reader for the changes that quantum computing would bring. whurley and Floyd Earl Smith look at what quantum computing is and how it works. The book looks at how quantum computing would revolutionize networking, data management, cryptography, and artificial intelligence in ways that would have previously been unthinkable.

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Extending & Embedding Python Using C (I/O Press)
Wednesday, 04 October 2023

This book tells Python programmers everything they need to know about the C API, which is what you use to create a C extension for Python. Mike James explains how to create C extensions, and shows how to use this to make C-based applications and libraries available to Python. He also looks at how to convert Python functions to C to speed things up, and how to work with modules, objects, types and threads.



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