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Pick, Click, Flick! (ACM Books)
Friday, 19 April 2024

Subtitled "The Story of Interaction Techniques", this book provides a comprehensive study of the many ways to interact with computers and computerized devices. Beginning with a history of the invention and development of interaction techniques, Brad A Myers goes on to describe the various approaches in use today, continuing with a discussion of the state-of-the-art research that is driving the development of novel approaches for the future.


Learn Rust in a Month of Lunches (Manning)
Wednesday, 17 April 2024

This book shows how to write fast and safe Rust code through lessons you can fit in your lunch break. Dave MacLeod provides explanations and focused, relevant examples to make it accessible, even if you’re learning Rust as your first programming language, and covers the use of Rust for purposes from system programming, to web applications, and games.

<ASIN: 1633438236>

The Complete Developer (No Starch Press)
Monday, 15 April 2024

With the subtitle, "Master the Full Stack with TypeScript, React, Next.js, MongoDB, and Docker" this book is a  hands-on, beginner-friendly approach to developing complete web applications from the ground up, using JavaScript and its most popular frameworks. Martin Krause goes from a React-driven frontend to a fully fleshed-out backend with Mongoose, MongoDB, and a complete set of REST and GraphQL APIs, and back again through the whole Next.js stack.

<ASIN:1718503288 >

Keanu Reeves is Not in Love With You (Unbound)
Friday, 12 April 2024

This is the story of one middle-aged woman in a cardigan determined to understand the growing phenomenon of online romance fraud. By winding up scammers and investigating the truth behind their profiles, Becky Holmes shines a revealing, revolting and hilarious light on a very shady corner of the internet.

<ASIN: 1789651638>

Python All-in-One, 3rd Ed (For Dummies)
Wednesday, 10 April 2024

This is one of the For Dummies book collections, made up of seven individual bundled books. The book can be used as a starting point for those new to coding, as well as a reference for experienced coders looking for more than the basics. John C. Shovic looks at how to apply Python skills to data analysis, learn to write AI-assisted code using GitHub CoPilot, and discover other uses for Python.

<ASIN:1394236158 >

Software Architecture with C# 12 and .NET 8, 4th Ed (Packt)
Monday, 08 April 2024

This book puts high-level design theory to work in a .NET context, teaching the key skills, technologies, and best practices required to become an effective .NET software architect. In this fourth edition Gabriel Baptista and Francesco Abbruzzese put emphasis on a case study that will bring skills to life, and take an even closer look at Blazor and explore OpenTelemetry for observability, as well as a more practical dive into preparing .NET microservices for Kubernetes integration.

<ASIN:1805127659 >

Kubernetes for Developers (Manning)
Friday, 05 April 2024

This book provides methods for deploying your apps on Kubernetes, even for small-to-medium sized applications. William Denniss shows how to migrate your existing apps onto Kubernetes without a rebuild, and implement modern cloud native architectures that can handle your future growth.

<ASIN:1617297178 >

Java: A Beginner's Guide, 10th Ed (McGraw Hill)
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 03 April 2024

Updated for Java Platform Standard Edition 21, this book teaches the fundamentals of Java. Written by Herbert Schildt and updated by Dr. Danny Coward, the book starts with the basics, such as how to create, compile, and run a Java program. It goes on to more advanced features, including multithreaded programming, generics, Lambda expressions, and Swing. Enumeration, modules, and interface methods are also explained.

<ASIN:1265054630 >

Android Studio Iguana Essentials (Payload Media)
Monday, 01 April 2024

Fully updated for Android Studio Iguana (2023.2.1) and the new UI, this book teaches you how to develop Android-based applications using the Kotlin programming language. Neil Smyth begins with the basics and outlines how to set up an Android development and testing environment, followed by an introduction to programming in Kotlin, including data types, control flow, functions, lambdas, and object-oriented programming.

<ASIN:1951442857 >

Palo Alto: A History of California, Capitalism, and the World (Back Bay Books)
Friday, 29 March 2024

In this history of Silicon Valley, Malcolm Harris examines how and why Northern California evolved in the particular, consequential way it did, tracing the ideologies, technologies, and policies that have been engineered there over the course of 150 years of Anglo settler colonialism, from IQ tests to the "tragedy of the commons," racial genetics, and "broken windows" theory.


Grokking Algorithms, 2nd Ed (Manning)
Wednesday, 27 March 2024

Grokking Algorithms shows that learning algorithms doesn't have to be complicated or boring. In this revised second edition, Aditya Bhargava introduces brand new coverage of trees, including binary search trees, balanced trees, and B-trees. This edition also offers fresh insights on data structure performance that takes account of modern CPUs. Plus, the book’s fully annotated code samples have been updated to Python 3.

<ASIN:1633438538 >

ASP.NET Core 8 and Angular 6th Ed (Packt)
Monday, 25 March 2024

This book shows how to improve the way you create, debug, and deploy web applications, and introduces the latest developments in .NET 8 and modern Angular, including .NET Minimal APIs and the new Angular standalone API defaults. Valerio De Sanctis begins with setting up SQL Server 2022 and building a data model with Entity Framework Core. He then moves on to fetching and displaying data, handling user input with Angular reactive forms, and implementing front-end and back-end validators for maximum effect.

<ASIN:1805129937 >


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