Building Xamarin.Forms Mobile Apps Using XAML (Apress)
Friday, 15 March 2019

This book shows how to use Xamarin.Forms to build iOS and Android apps using a single, cross-platform approach. Authors Dan Hermes and Dr. Nima Mazloumi show how to bind UI to data models using data binding and using the MVVM pattern, and how to customize UI elements for each platform using industry-standard menus, effects, custom renderers, and native view declaration. 



Author: Dan Hermes and Dr. Nima Mazloumi
Publisher: APress
Date: February 2019
Pages: 456
ISBN: 978-1484240298
Print: 1484240294
Kindle: B07NPD5TBX
Audience: Android developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Phone/mobile  


  • Create world-class mobile apps for iOS and  Android using C# and XAML
  • Build a UI decoupled from C# code and XAML
  • Design UI layouts such as FrameLayout, controls, lists, and navigation patterns
  • Style your app using resource dictionaries, styles, themes, and CSS
  • Customize controls to have platform-specific features using effects, custom renderers, and native views

The book is the XAML companion to the C# guide Xamarin Mobile Application Development.


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