Exercises in Programming Style, 2e (Routledge, Chapman & Hall)
Monday, 31 August 2020

The first edition of this book was honored as an ACM Notable Book. This new edition retains the same presentation, but has been upgraded to Python 3, and there is a new section on neural network styles. Cristina Lopes uses a simple computational task (term frequency) to illustrate different programming styles and how they can be used to write programs and design systems.

<ASIN: 0367350203>

The book contains 40 different styles for writing the term frequency task. The styles are grouped into ten categories: historical, basic, function composition, objects and object interactions, reflection and metaprogramming, adversity, data-centric, concurrency, interactivity, and neural networks.

Author: Cristina Lopes
Publisher: Routledge / Chapman and Hall
Date: July 2020
Pages: 360
ISBN: 978-0367350208
Print: 0367350203
Kindle: B08CMMPCXY
Audience: General developers
Level: Introductory/Intermediate
Category: Python and Methodology


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