Python Data Analysis, 3rd Ed (Packt)
Monday, 22 February 2021

This book shows how to use Python for data analysis by exploring the different phases and methodologies used in data analysis and showing how to use modern libraries from the Python ecosystem to create efficient data pipelines. Avinash Navlani, Armando Fandango and Ivan Idris start with the essential statistical and data analysis fundamentals using Python. They go on to cover complex data analysis and modeling, data manipulation, data cleaning, and data visualization and also look at how to conduct time series analysis and signal processing using ARMA models.



Author: Avinash Navlani, Armando Fandango and Ivan Idris
Publisher: Packt
Date: February 2021
Pages: 478
ISBN: 978-1789955248
Print: 1789955246
Kindle: B0859CVGB4
Audience:Python developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Python


  • Explore data science and its various process models
  • Perform data manipulation using NumPy and pandas for aggregating, cleaning, and handling missing values
  • Create interactive visualizations using Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Bokeh
  • Retrieve, process, and store data in a wide range of formats
  • Understand data preprocessing and feature engineering using pandas and scikit-learn
  • Perform time series analysis and signal processing using sunspot cycle data
  • Analyze textual data and image data to perform advanced analysis
  • Get up to speed with parallel computing using Dask

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