Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift, 4th Ed (Razeware)
Wednesday, 29 September 2021

This book looks at how fundamental data structures and algorithms work. Kelvin Lau and Vincent Ngo use illustrated tutorials and Swift playground code. The book is aimed at developers who know the basics of Swift syntax and want a better theoretical understanding of what data structures and algorithms are to build more complex programs.



Author: Kelvin Lau and Vincent Ngo
Publisher: Razeware
Date: September 2021
Pages: 459
ISBN: 978-1950325405
Print: 1950325407
Audience: Swift developers
Level: Intermediate



  • Basic data structures and algorithms, including stacks, queues and linked lists
  • How protocols can be used to generalize algorithms
  • How to leverage the algorithms of the Swift standard library with your own data structures
  • Trees, tries and graphs
  • Building algorithms on top of other primitives
  • A complete spectrum of sorting algorithms from simple to advanced
  • How to think about algorithmic complexity
  • Finding shortest paths, traversals, and subgraphs


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