Bayesian Optimization in Action (Manning)
Monday, 11 December 2023

Bayesian optimization helps pinpoint the best configuration for your machine learning models with speed and accuracy. In this hands-on guide, Quan Nguyen shows how to put its advanced techniques into practice. The book shows how to optimize hyperparameter tuning, A/B testing, and other aspects of the machine learning process by applying cutting-edge Bayesian techniques.



Author: Quan Nguyen
Publisher: Manning
Date: November 2023
Pages: 424
ISBN: 978-1633439078
Print: 1633439070
Kindle: B0CK8ZDMG5
Audience: developers interested in machine learning
Level: Intermediate/advanced
Category: Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics 


Topics include:

  • Train Gaussian processes on both sparse and large data sets
  • Combine Gaussian processes with deep neural networks to make them flexible and expressive
  • Find the most successful strategies for hyperparameter tuning
  • Navigate a search space and identify high-performing regions
  • Apply Bayesian optimization to cost-constrained, multi-objective, and preference optimization
  • Implement Bayesian optimization with PyTorch, GPyTorch, and BoTorch

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Professional C++, 5th Ed (Wrox)

Author: Marc Gregoire
Publisher: Wrox
Date: February 2021
Pages: 1312
ISBN: 978-1119695400
Print: 1119695406
Audience: C++ developers
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Mike James

Professional C++? Who wants to be unprofessional?

Python Distilled (Addison-Wesley)

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Publisher: Addison-Wesley
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ISBN: 978-0134173276
Print: 0134173279
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Alex Armstrong
Python isn't a big language but it's getting bigger all the time.

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