Algorithmic Thinking, 2nd Ed (No Starch Press)
Monday, 05 February 2024

This book teaches important computer algorithms by asking the reader to solve competitive programming problems.  Dr. Daniel Zingaro uses programs and challenges that are drawn from real programming competitions to illustrate how to make use of data structures and algorithms. Topics covered include hash tables, recursion, dynamic programming, trees, graphs, and heaps, and how to choose and implement the best solutions for any coding challenge. The code examples are written in C and designed for clarity and accessibility.



Author: Dr. Daniel Zingaro
Publisher: No Starch
Date: January 2024
Pages: 480
ISBN: 978-1718503229
Print: 1718503229
Kindle: B0BZGZHK3B
Audience: General
Level: Introductory/Intermediate
Category: Methodology


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SQL Query Design Patterns and Best Practices

Author: Steve Hughes et al
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Pages: 270
ISBN: 978-1837633289
Print: 1837633282
Kindle: B0BWRD7HQ7
Audience: Query writers
Rating: 2.5
Reviewer: Ian Stirk

This book aims to improve your SQL queries using design patterns, how does it fare? 

Python Programming and Visualization for Scientists 2nd Ed

Author: Alex DeCaria and Grant Petty
Publisher: Sundog Publishing
Pages: 372
ISBN: 978-0972903356
Print: 0972903356
Audience: Scientists wanting to use Python
Rating: 2
Reviewer: Mike James
Visualization - a difficult topic and difficult to see how to explain the ideas in a book.

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