The AI Revolution in Medicine (Pearson)
Friday, 03 May 2024

In this book, subtitled "GPT-4 and Beyond", Peter Lee, Carey Goldberg and Isaac "Zak" Kohane document their thoughts on their months of early access to GPT-4 and its momentous potential to improve diagnoses, summarize patient visits, streamline processes, and accelerate research. The book contains real GPT-4 dialogues, unrehearsed and unfiltered, brilliant and blundering alike, all annotated with context, candid commentary, real risk insights, and up-to-the-minute takeaways.

<ASIN:‎ 0138200130 >


Author: Peter Lee, Carey Goldberg and Isaac "Zak" Kohane
Publisher: Pearson
Date: May 2024
Pages: 304
ISBN: 978-0138200138
Print: ‎ 0138200130
Kindle: B0BXNVM6FC
Audience: General
Level: Introductory
Category: Artificial Intelligence

Topics include:

  • Preview a day in the life of a doctor with a true AI assistant.
  • See how AI can enhance doctor-patient encounters at the bedside and beyond.
  • Learn how modern AI works, why it can fail, and how it can be tested to earn trust.
  • Empower patients: improve access and equity, fill gaps in care, and support behavior change.
  • Ask better questions and get better answers with "prompt engineering."
  • Leverage AI to cut waste, uncover fraud, streamline reimbursement, and lower costs.
  • Optimize clinical trials and accelerate cures with AI as a research collaborator.
  • Find the right guardrails and gain crucial insights for regulators and policymakers.
  • Sketch possible futures: What dreams may come next?


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