Building SimCity (MIT Press)
Friday, 14 June 2024

This book, subtitled "How to Put the World in a Machine", explores the history of computer simulation by chronicling SimCity. Chaim Gingold explains that SimCity was created in part to learn about cities, appropriating ideas from traditions in which computers are used as tools for modeling and thinking about the world as a complex system.


Gingold uses SimCity to explore a web of interrelated topics in the history of technology, software, and simulation, from the dawn of programmable computers to miniature cities made of construction paper and role-play. The book uses images to help bring its wide-ranging subjects to life, including painstakingly crafted diagrams that explain SimCity’s operation, the Kodachrome photographs taken by Charles Eames of schoolchildren making model cities, and Nintendo’s manga-style “Dr. Wright” character design, just to name a few.

Author: Chaim Gingold
Publisher: The MIT Press
Date: June 2024
Pages: 486
ISBN: 978-0262547482
Print: 0262547481
Kindle: B0CD6Z5X74
Audience: General
Level: Introductory/Intermediate
Category: Graphics & Games


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C++ Programming, 6th Ed (In Easy Steps)

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Print: 1840789719
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Foundational Python For Data Science

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