September Week 2
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Saturday, 19 September 2015

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 September 10-16, 2015



Book Reviews



Removing Reflections And Obstructions From Photos   Wednesday 16 September

Long gone are the days when you could say a photo never lies. The latest work by Google and MIT can produce perfect photos of things taken through glass windows and chain fences. It is another step on the way to pure computational photography where the final photo isn't something you could ever have actually seen.



Python 3.5 Released   Wednesday 16 September

Python 3.5 has been released with support for coroutines and a new matrix multiplication operator.  .



Automata Theory on Coursera   Wednesday 16 September

Jeff Ullman's course on automata and language theory started on September 12th on the Cousera platform. It runs until October 23rd with a final exam at the beginning of November so there is still time to join.



Udacity Android Design Course Now Live   Tuesday 15 September

Udacity's Android Developer Nanodegree was launched at this year's Google I/O and the first cohort of students enrolled in June. The latest Android course on offer is on Material Design and is available free as well as part of the nanodegree.



CLion 1.1.1   Tuesday 15 September

Less than six months after the original launch of its crossplatform C/C++ IDE, JetBrains released CLion 1.1 with an updated parser and LLDB integration and has already brought out 1.1.1 to address issues with it.



A New Build Of Windows 10 Mobile   Tuesday 15 September

How many have forgotten all about Windows 10 Mobile? Surely we can't still be waiting for it? A new build is now available, the first for over a month.



The Smartwatch Spy   Monday 14 September

If you were looking for another reason not to get a smartwatch, researchers at ECE Illinois have created an app that can work out what you are typing just from your hand movements.



ACM/CSTA Cutler-Bell Prize in High School Computing   Monday 14 September

A prize intended to recognize talent in computer science among high school students is now open for students in the US.



Compelling New Features Required   Sunday 13 September

This isn't just about JetBrains, but its recent action in changing to a subscription model fired up a cartoon on CubeDrone about what is missing in today's tool set.



Programmers Day - Why So Apathetic?   Saturday 12 September

Programmers Day comes around every year and each year it is increasingly ignored. Why, when we are trying to encourage children to take up all things computing, is Programmers Day such a flop?



More Microsoft Courses On edX   Friday 11 September

Two new courses from Microsoft, one on XAML, the other on jQuery, start next week on edX. Other of the edX/Microsoft courses are now self-paced so you can begin them whenever you want.



Hire A Programmer And Let People Watch In Realtime   Friday 11 September

You might have missed the strange but growing phenomenon of watching coders code as if it was a game, but a new development might make this more important than a passing fad. 



Node.js Foundation Releases First Joint Code   Thursday 10 September

Node v4.0.0 is the first code release from the reunited io.js and node.js communities, following last year's fork of the project. The breakaway group returned due to a new governance model under the auspices of the Linux Foundation and the Node.js Foundation has committed to a regular release cycle.



WiFi Mods To Be Illegal   Thursday 10 September

A free for all on the radio spectrum would be disastrous, but equally too tight a control risks strangling innovation. A new rule from the FCC threatens the development of new software and hardware.


The Core

Getting Started With jQuery - Ajax Post   Monday 14 September

Now that we know all about how to get a file, it is time to post some data back to the server. In this chapter we look at both get and post as ways of sending data and see how to send form data under Ajax control. 



Android Adventures - Pickers   Thursday 10 September

Pickers are important ways to get user input, but they have been through so many revisions that they lack simple documentation or guidelines how to use them. Working with Pickers - date, time or number - can be a confusing mess. Let's see if we can make it all seem logical. 



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