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Friday, 11 September 2015

Two new courses from Microsoft, one on XAML, the other on jQuery, start next week on edX. Other of the edX/Microsoft courses are now self-paced so you can begin them whenever you want.


Microsoft partnered with edX earlier this year to run MOOCs taught by Microsoft trainers and taking advantage of the edX delivery platform. 

Both the new courses are relatively short. DEV206.1x: Introduction to XAML and Application Development, which starts on September 14th lasts 4 weeks with an estimated workload of 3-5 hours per week. Its prerequisites are: 

  • Experience developing .NET applications with C#
  • Experience using Visual Studio

and its intended audience is people interested in developing Universal Windows apps. 



The course description states:

By completing this XAML course, you will gain experience developing XAML markup and C# code using Visual Studio 2015. We’ll cover both beginner and intermediate tasks that are required to developer professional applications for the Universal Windows Platform. You’ll complete hands-on labs to learn the essential XAML programming tasks that are the basic components of real-world applications that are distributed between a wide variety of devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones, gaming consoles, microcontrollers, interactive whiteboards and augmented reality devices.

  • Basic XAML and C# fundamentals and programming
  • Using XAML to create objects
  • Extending the functionality of XAML controls
  • Creating Universal Windows applications using XAML

The prerequisites for Dev208x: Introduction to jQuery are knowledge of JavaScript and HTML and a basic understanding of CSS. Over 3 weeks, starting on September 15th and with 3-4 hours effort per week, particpats will learn: 

  • How jQuery makes it so much easier to use JavaScript
  • How to integrate jQuery into your web pages
  • How to make server-side calls using jQuery
  • How to increase the performance of your pages
  • How to enhance the user interface of your websites using jQuery



Programmers with a basic knowledge of JavaScript might also be interested in Dev201x: Introduction to Typescript which is co-taught by Anders Hejlsberg, the creator of TypeScript as well as of C#. This course is now self-paced and will take the typical student around 25 hours. According to its description:

In this course, you'll learn how to use features of TypeScript such as optional static types, classes, interfaces, and modules to JavaScript, enabling IDE productivity features such as statement completion, refactoring, and code navigation. You'll learn how to make it easier for teams to communicate requirements and build applications safely using these advanced features through Microsoft Visual Studio.

Dev204x: Programming with C# is also now self-paced but it is more demanding in terms of time - 40 to 60 hours - and its course description warns:

This course is not for beginners or those new to programming. You must have prior programming experience in an object-oriented programming language as there are concepts that are mentioned in the course that are assumed to be prior knowledge and are not explained in detail. 

IProgrammer's Nikos Vaggalis enrolled on its first presentation and provide a detailed review of this course, including the Peer Review process which came in for quite a lot of criticism.

His overall verdict was:

 a quality course in terms of its structure and comprehensive range of subjects. In terms of balance it was neither too deep nor too superficial and the rich variety of media helps in solidifying comprehension. There were no major setbacks apart from minor annoyances which I’m certain the staff will improve in future re-runs. 

He recommendes it to the following four groups:

  • Programmers familiar with C# but in need of a refresher or in need of getting up to date with the latest language developments.

  • Those coming from another language wanting to check how C# does it.

  • Anybody who is self taught in C# wanting to know more about its structure, flow and organization.

  • For people familiar with C# but ready to step up the level from beginner to intermediate


These and the other Microsoft courses on edX courses are free if you are happy with an Honor Code certificate, but a Verified Certificate costs between $49 and $99. 



More Information

DEV206.1x: Introduction to XAML and Application Development

Dev208x: Introduction to jQuery

Dev201x: Introduction to Typescript

Dev204x: Programming with C# 

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